The Celestial-Blade is a mystical artefact and weapon that has acted as a major part of the Pendragon mythos, for a long time this blade was considered the most powerful artefact in all of Avalon but in reality it is surpassed by Excalibur.. However unlike Excalibur the Celestial-Blade is capable of being wielded by any of the Pendragon clan and not just the "true" rulesof Avalon (who are often revealed to be part of the cosmic-entity "The Once and Future King").


  • King Equinox (deceased)
  • Inferno Pendragon (deceased)
  • Equis (corrupted)
  • Sangria (current holder of the blade)


The Celestial-Blade is one of Avalon's most powerful weapons and has a number of powers, such as:

  • Invulnerability (wielders of the Celestial-Blade are invulnerable to most harm)
  • Destiny Force (the Celestial-Blade has a "destiny force" in place - making it impossible for beings not of Pendragon descent to wield it)
  • Power-Boost (wielders of the Celestial-Blade have their usual traits upgraded tenfold (this includes magical skills and so forth) )