Enhanced Strength refers to the state of having physical strength that is greater than normal for one's species - however what separated Enhanced Strength from true Superhuman Strength is a being with Enhanced Strength is that Enhanced Strength ends roughly at Peak Human capability or its equivelent in other species.

In short a being with Enhanced Strength is comparable to a champion weightlifter or strongman - capable of lifting the maximum weight possible in a "real world" scenario.

NOTE: a rare real-world example is included here to give an idea of the weight range we're talking about: Brit strongman Andy Bolton set the heaviest dead lift record when he lifted 457.5 kilograms from the floor to his thigh. The record for an overhead lift stands at 263.5 kilograms. - thus the maximum weight an Enhanced Human could lift would be roughly the same as this man, (who nears what we currently believe is "peak human" strength).

Items Which Grant This Ability

Known Users

  • Gluttuns (the entire species approaches "peak human" strength in comparison to average humanity)

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