Excalibur is an ancient and long-forgotten blade that actually predates the Celestial-Blade as the original sword of choice by the rulers of Avalon prior to the great purge ordered by King Equinox - which erased much of Avalon's ancient history and saw Excalibur buried deep beneath the hills of Avalon.

However during the events of the "Monsters" saga Excalibur returns and could only be wielded by the "true" ruler of Avalon - who was also part of the cosmic-entity known as "The Once And Future King".


  • King Arthur (deceased) (the original owner of the blade and the first ruler to become part of "The Once and Future King" entity)
  • Inferno Pendragon (deceased) (was able to utilize the blade to kill Ebonscale but died in the process, with his death the blade was passed onto Equis and Inferno became part of "The Once and Future King" entity)
  • Equis (no longer able to use it due to corruption) (became the holder of the blade following Inferno's death up until his corruption in Shadow of the Red Queen, at which point the blade was transfered to Sangria)
  • Sangria (current holder of the blade) (gained the blade following Equis' fall from grace, she is the only being who has utilized both Excalibur and Excalibur as twin-blades)


Excalibur has a number of powers that put it above even the Celestial-Blade in power:

  • Destiny Force (Excalibur is bestowed with a "Destiny Force" that prohibits it being used by any outwith the "true" rulers of Avalon)
  • Ancestral Link (while utilizing Excalibur the user becomes linked with all the spirits of Avalon (living and dead)
  • Seeker Of Truth (Excalibur will strike dead most beings that have darkness in their heart and mind but will spare those who mean the user no harm - this ability is known as a "seeker of truth")
  • Indestructible (Excalibur can not be destroyed - even by godlike magic)
  • Invulnerability (while utilizing Excalibur the user becomes invulnerable to most harm)
  • Superhuman Strength (while utilizing Excalibur the user is bestowed with immense superhuman strength)