New contributors seem a little confused as to how the Power Base is run so I decided to create this page as a means of trying to explain the Category System for this wiki:

All articles should be written out as shown in the Page Layout guide - with the headings as follows:

((introductory text, explaining power))

Known Users

Items Which Grant Power

Related Powers


After this comes the category process, first one should look at the Power Types page and find where the power best fits and list it as such on the page - for example if you feel the power goes under "Cosmic-Abilities" write that in the category box.

Once one has done this remember to add the Power Set the power belongs to as a category - being sure to read the Power Sets page to ensure your power is in the right set.

Finally one should determine the powers "morality" rating - Dark Abilities are those that are considered "evil" or "corruptive", Light Abilities are those considered "benefitial" or "pure" while Grey Abilities are "neutral".

Again, I apologize if this all seems to complicated but hopefully this will help people to understand the system a little more.

Also please not you may not lay claim to a power unless it is of your own making (a "Unique Power") - thank you.