Laevateinn is a greatsword that Arbiter wields in combat- despite it's sheer size and weight, Arbiter is able to hold and fight with it with no effort. It has been modified to channel the power of the Balance, which Arbiter often does when facing off against stronger foes.

The two halves of the blade, one whiter than ivory, the other blacker than pitch, can be separated magically into the respective blades of Order and Chaos.


The blade is approximately thirteen feet in length (just below four meters), and about two-and-a-half feet wide (just above one-half of a meter). Half of the blade is black, and the other half is white. The hilt is symmetrical, appearing silver, with an emerald inserted into it.


Forged on Aegis, Laevateinn was used by Ryou's former master Baqer in the battle against the Hellspawn. After Baqer had fallen in battle, Ryou took up the blade and faced off against Sanguinix, master of the Hellspawn, and successfully ended the war.

After Rune managed to rescue Ryou (now called Arbiter) from his insanity over a thousand years later, Arbiter modified the blade, allowing him to channel the power of Balance through it with greater ease.


Laevateinn is named after the sword that appears in the Norse apocalypse, Ragnarok. During Ragnarok, Laevateinn was used to shatter the dome of the sky, or in some other variations of the myth, sever the roots of the World Tree.