Manifestation is the process by which certain deities, spirits and higher/lower-powers show themselves to the physical world, often as ghost-like beings - it should not be confused with Astral Projection (often performed by the living) or Incarnation (which is when spirits take physical form): often a spirit Manifests only for a short period of time before disappearing into the astral-plane or some other afterlife / dimension.

When Manifesting a deity, spirit or extra-dimensional entity is considered incorporeal and akin to an Astral Body but can take any form they wish - they can not usually interact with the physical world beyond showing this image to others, sometimes when a Manifestation is seen by large groups of people it can be seen as a "miracle" or "revelation".

Known Users

Objects Which Grant This Ability

Related Powers

  • Astral Projection (the ability to separate one's astral-body from one's body by will)
  • Incarnation (a physical manifestation of a deity, spirit or higher/lower-power)