Omnipotence is the ability to manifest any and all abilities found on the Power Tiers as well as access to all Power Sets, this titanic power is most often associated with deities or supreme beings but can sometimes be utilised by other characters: if not coupled with omniscience or omnibenevolence this ability can often lead to corruption and madness.

Omnipotence is often cited as unlimited power and is often accompanied by omniscience and omnipresence - however it does not need to be. Characters that are omnipotent are capable of performing anything they desire, unlike reality-bending true omnipotence does not have a limit: however in many settings even omnipotence is given some sort of limit.

Known Users

Near Omnipotence

(beings that have displayed limitless power but have some other weakness and/or limitation (for example a lack of omniscience etc) )

Absolute Omnipotence

(beings that have all the traditional traits of true omnipotence, including omniscience etc (though they not all fully be able to contol said power) )

Items Which Grant This Power

Related Powers

  • Omniscience (the ability to learn all knowledge their is to learn)
  • Omnipresence (the ability to be present in multiple places at once)
  • Omnibenevolence (the inability to be corrupted or show ethical evil)