Reality Warping is a strange ability that allows it's users to modify reality itself to certain extents.

Reality Warping Set

Class E


  • Arbiter is known to create "tangible illusions."
  • Yakuro can paint objects into existence, and destroy them by defiling her own paintings.
  • Sharptooth conjures numerous dollar notes in Soul Thief II.
  • The The Game-Mage uses playing cards as shuriken.

Class D


  • An eclipse appearing in a blood-red sky is a signature sign of Eclipse's appearance.
  • The Defiled, from Guns of the Valkyrie, are beings that gain powers based on the most prominent aspects of a human host's life (A Defiled taking the body of a dead singer would likely be able to kill others with the sound of it's voice).

Class C


  • The Hatter changes the sky into patterns of madness and alters the ground to constantly shift and fluctuate in Court of the Red Queen.
  • Cartoon Physics allows for Toons to accomplish non-human feats, such as, but not limited too:
    • Enhanced Durability
    • Falling great distances
    • Ignoring gravity (if briefly)
    • Possessing a kind of "hammerspace" from which nearly anything can be conjured
    • Abiding by the so-called "Law of Funny."
  • Anu-Oie can read anyone's deepest fear and replicate it.
  • RoD and Pathos have both broken the fourth wall.

Class B


  • Kane and Nova turn Earth into the Chaos World.
  • The usual power contained by exposure to a Rule Book.
  • Kaz can not only break the fourth wall, but can actually read the text of his story and thus act off of it.
  • Random's power is roughly at this after exposure to the Wands of Wonder & Awe.

Class A


  • Destiny Force is one of the greater forces that drives nearly everything in the Multiverse.
  • Primal Chaos will warp and distort all things it comes into contact with, capable of using it's random, destructive power to engulf entire universes.
  • Any higher-level reality warping ability would be verging onto the power of the God Force.

Related Powers

  • Cartoon Physics
  • Probability Alteration (the ability to alter probability so as to increase the chances of unlikely (but not impossible) phenomena occuring)