Sigils are mystical symbols that are etched into the flesh of living beings and empower them according to the specific Sigil - they can be created either as scars or tattoos, once etched into the skin a Sigil is virtually impossible to remove and the number of Sigils a person may have is limited only by available space on their body.

There are currently eight known types of Sigils in existence and although it is possible to create new Sigils via advanced magic none of the second-generation Sigils have the qualities of the original eight (for example a second-generation Sigil may grant superhuman powers but can be easily removed, a trait the eight "true" Sigils do not share).

Sigils date back to the ancient Druid cults and although they were originally designed for use by warriors on the battle-fields they also found a more benign use by more peaceful mages following the decline of the old cults.

Night Owl is known to be one of relatively few living humans who has extensive Sigil etchings on his body - having an impressive total of five Sigils carved into his flesh, however his scars are a warning to others on how Sigils come with a great cost and often leave their users disfigured.


Sigil of Endless Rage

This Sigil allows its user to increase their physical strength at will to that of superhuman beings.

Sigil of Free Spirit

This Sigil allows its user to astral-project, walk on air or enter dimensional-portals.

Sigil of Full Moon

This Sigil allows its user to channel lunar energy so as to go without sleep, food or water indefinitely.

Sigil of Dead Water

This Sigil allows its user to enter a state that resembles a mild coma upon great injury or distress - during which their body heals itself at an incredible rate both physically and emotionally.

Sigil of True Sight

This Sigil grants its user a heightened sense of awareness, allowing them to see invisible or hidden beings and places.

Sigil of Fear

This Sigil grants its user the ability to see into the fears of others and transform into these fears either on a physical level or as an illusion, depending upon the fear.

Sigil of Kings

This Sigil grants its user the ability to speak and understand all languages and thoughts as well as command the minds of both sentient beings and lesser-animals.

Sigil of Ashes

This Sigil grants its user the ability to command flame and also grants limited immortality in the sense that should they die they may be brought back to life via cremation, burning the old body to ash but spawning a new one in the process: the Sigil remains attached to the new body and thus is truly a permanent part of its user as not even the destruction of the physical form is sufficient to break the seal.