The Staff of Felidia is a legendary quarterstaff that is made out of smooth wood and decorated with leather that is painted black and red, the weapon was brought to Felidia by Chiang Battlehand when he braved the Rogue Wilderness specifically to earn the staff - which he would proceed to use to defeat the evil Faungli.


  • Indestructible (the staff can not be broken by any known force outwith that of an omnipotent-level character)
  • Tremor-Inducement (the staff, when slammed against a solid surface, can induce a powerful tremor that can shatter earth or knock opponents back)
  • Healing-Touch (the staff can heal the wounds of those it touches - including its own user)
  • Force-Generation (the staff can generate force, allowing even a light tap to deal immense damage to an unprepared opponent)