Strength Augmentation is the ability to continually increase one's physical strength - it is an off-shot of Superhuman Strength utilized by advanced users of said power, often there is no upper-limit to the amount of strength one can gain with this ability though some physical beings may experience problems if they attempt to lift objects that are truly titanic: for example just because you have the strength to move worlds does not mean it would be possible to do so under normal circumstances, given that you would likely destroy said world in the process or exhaust yourself with the effort (unless you had unlimited endurance).

Also most physical objects of large size would tear apart if lifted by force alone, thus often users of this and superhuman strength activate a localized telekinesis that keeps such massive objects from falling apart (this is how some users of strength can be seen lifting gigantic structures such as battleships, without the object breaking up).

Items Which Grant This Ability

Known Users

Related Powers

  • Superhuman Strength (the ability to lift weights far exceeding those an Enhanced Human could, often in the tonnes)
  • Tactical Telekinesis (a form of telekinesis often used without knowledge, on an instinctual-level, limited simply to keeping large objects from falling apart - this allows said objects to be lifted and manipulated in ways they could not under other circumstances)