Simple Rune Circle

This simple rune circle is used to transmute basic forms of matter, such as lead, into gold.

Thaumaturgy is a primordial practice created by Almagest and adopted by Balance-Keepers. It is a derivation of the power of Balance. It combines both magic and the sciences, similar in nature to such practices like sorcery and alchemy. With thaumaturgy, one can rearrange the structure of any one object into another. Doing so requires a rune circle, which channels the magic power used in the procedure. For example, a Thaumaturgist can take a block of lead and turn it into a block of gold with equal mass. Summoning is also possible in the bounds of thaumaturgy, though it requires the object to be summoned to have a particular circle inscribed on it.

Attempting to create something out of either nothing or inadequate mass will result in the reaction taking something of equal value from the Thaumaturgist- for example, if a Thaumaturgist attempts to create 30 kg of gold from 25 kg of lead, the reaction will take the remaining 5 kg needed from the Thaumaturgist himself.

Thaumaturgy has also been shown to work on an abstract and spiritual level as well, as the manipulation of souls has been attempted. However, since almost nothing is truly equal to the value of

Complex Rune Circle

This incredibly complex rune circle is used to transmute matter into energy. Arbiter used a gigantic version of this circle to destroy countless worlds when he was still insane.

a living soul, the resulting Thaumaturgic reaction will not only take something from the Thaumaturgist, but will force open The Gate, behind which is the metaphysical realm of God. The Thaumaturgist will then be forced into the realm where he will pay a suitable price for attempting to play God. However, spiritual manipulation is possible in Thaumaturgy, if souls themselves are transmuted.


In order to transmute a physical object into another, one must know of the physical composition of the object- hence, active Thaumaturgists must have an extensive knowledge of chemistry. Elements are easier to transmute, being of a single substane, but compounds take more time and effort; the transmutation of a more complex compound drains more time and energy- hence why it is impractical to attempt to transmute an enemy in a fight into a random substance, as a living body is composed of a great number of different compounds.

Changing the shape of an object is easier than transmutation, though the more complex the intended shape of an object is, the more energy is required.

In Battle

Thaumaturgists who use their practices in battle will employ "quicker" methods of using their abilities instead of taking the time to draw out a circle in the midst of a fight. This often employs engraving circles on weapons such as swords and shruiken (a common tactic is the explosive shruiken), or embroidering circles in clothing or armor.

Thirteen uses technology created by Malovus in using Thaumaturgy in combat. By employing the use of a thick, metallic wristband, Thirteen can project any circle he thinks of into any location or orientation nearby.

Known Users