True-Flight is the ability to fly without the aid of wings or outside aid - beings with this ability can fly effortlessly across the sky up to a maximum of the upper atmosphere of an Earth-like planet, often with great resistance to the many environmental hazards that occur high in the air.

This is normally achieved via a localized force-field that protects an individual from the freezing temperatures, crushing pressure and other hazards of air-travel - often they become more aware of their surroundings, being able sense danger from afar and "homing" in on locations.

This does not, however, immunize them from the need to breath nor does it stop them from requiring food, water and basic body functions - as such they are much more limited than those with Stellar-Flight and will inevitably reach a point where they can not proceed without feeling faint or succumbing to fatigue.

Users of this ability are also frequently in possession of a high-degree of control over their bodies, even when high in the air, for example they can often appear to "walk", "sit" or "stand" on thin air and are rarely effected by strong winds or adverse weather (though extreme weather (such as storms) can have adverse effects on flying)

Known Users


  • Thrust (a mode of flight in which one is launched at incredible speeds, akin to a living bullet, often users of this ability are immune to the usually fatal consequences of such movement and it usually manifests as a rocket-like Jetstream or smoke. Thrust grants great speed but normally comes at the cost of sacrificing control, since users of this technique are akin to rockets and have little control over where they may end up after "launching".)

Items Which Grant This Power

  • N / A (by its very nature True-Flight must be utilized without outside aid)

Related Abilities

  • Levitation (the ability to float above the ground but not quite able to fully fly (also known as Hovering) )
  • Stellar-Flight (the ability to fly unaided in the depths of space)
  • Winged Flight (the ability to fly with the aid of wings)
  • Hyper-Leaping (the ability to leap superhuman distances and/or heights)