Twilight Corruption is a degenerative curse brought upon those who are consumed by the destructive elements of the Twilight Force or foolishly abuse its power - once Twilight Corruption has begun to take over a character it is almost impossible to stop and even if the victim should survive they will be forevermore weakened in body and mind.

A great many Twilight Force Manipulators fall foul of this curse and although part of Twilight Force manipulation it is also connected to Madness Manifestation, due to its corruption of body and mind.


The main cause of Twilight Corruption is prolonged use of high-level Twilight Force abilities coupled with an inability to control one's own emotions - the volatile mixture of the Twilight Force and one's own inner turmoil combine into a deadly toxin that eats away at the body and mind like a cancer.


Twilight Corruption causes a victim to visibly mutate, with five known stages -

  • Stage 5 Corruption (a mockery of life, completely devoid of any natural traits and a Lovecraftian nightmare : deadly to all but the strongest Twilight Force users)
  • Stage 4 Corruption (no longer noticable as a member of one's original species, is deadly unless one is strong in Twilight Force)
  • Stage 3 Corruption (extremely noticable changes in body and mind, making one unable to associate with normal society : can be deadly over time)
  • Stage 2 Corruption (more radical changes in body and mind, making one noticably less natural - tends to have greater effects on sanity and health)
  • Stage 1 Corruption (slight changes in body and mind, making one appear less natural - tends to have mild effects on sanity and health)


Few defenses exist against Twilight Corruption and the best way to prevent it is to stay away from the Twilight Force, yet if one is foolish enough to utilize the Twilight Force regardless they can take measures to protect themselves by showing restraint and learning to control their own emotions as it is harder of Twilight Corruption to take a hold of those who have learned to master their emotions.

Prominent Sufferers

  • King Equinox
  • Arodnap
  • Fisherman
  • Neptune