The Twilight Force is an ancient and highly volatile force of nature that is at least as old as the physical universe and is at its peak within the Draconic Realm of Twilight.

The Twilight Force manifests as black or puprle lightning/fire, crackling with immense power - it is destructive and embodies power without restraint, when it is utilized by a living creature it corrupts their body and mind while also allowing them to feed off the primordial energies of the universe itself (in essence making them living conductors of emotional, cosmic and magical energy).

This grants anyone manipulating Twilight Force near godlike powers within the following categories:

  • Empathy (they feed off emotion of any type but are especially prone to strong, volatile emotion such as rage, sorrow or passion)
  • Stellakinesis (they can absorb massive amounts of cosmic energy and convert it into multiple superhuman traits)
  • Magikinesis (they can absorb massive amounts of mystic energy and convert it into multiple superhuman traits, they can also in general cast magic spells and similar without the need of complex ritual or training)
  • Ergokinesis (they can absorb massive amounts of raw energy and convert it into multiple superhuman traits)

Twilight Force is unbelievably powerful but is impossible to control, by its very nature Twilight Force is without restraint or limit - which makes it incredibly dangerous: though the vast power it grants its users make it attractive to some despite the risks.

Twilight Force exists in three spectrums - which are as follows:

  • Basic Twilight Force (manifests as black and/or purple energy)
  • Advanced Twilight Force (manifests as blue and/or dark purple energy)
  • Primal Twilight Force (manifests as red energy)