Twilight Lightning is a common Twilight Force ability utilized by those with a connection to said Force, it manifests as black lightning powered by the user's own inner turmoil: thus Twilight Lightning deals more damage in relation to the user's own emotional state.


Twilight Lightning erupts from a user much like real lightning, proceeding to surge through the body of the target - instead of electrocuting the target the "lightning" bombards them with Twilight Force, inflicting emotional and physical damage that intensifies in relation to the user's own emotional state: tha more inner turmoil a user feels when unleashing the Twilight Lightning the greater the damage it will cause to the target.


Twilight Lightning is not very effective against machines or beings that lack emotion, since a large portion of the Twilight Force focuses on inner rage and aggression - it is also capable of being countered by powerful defences, prolonged use of Twilight Lightning can cause Twilight Corruption to overtake an individual and if not monitored could destroy them entirely due to the uncontrollable nature of the Twilight Force.

Known Users