Twilight Rage is a Twilight Force based ability that allows the user to channel their inner rage in order to boost their physical abilities - at the cost of rational thought, it is similar but not quite the same as a Berserker Rage.


Via focusing a user can convert their stored up rage and frustration into a physical boost, increasing their strength and attack power considerably as a result - the effects wear off in time but can be especially dangerous during prolonged battles as the strife of the battlefield provides plenty of pent up rage and frustration to feed from.


Like all Twilight Force abilities prolonged use of this ability runs the risk of Twilight Corruption, the ability can also be countered by abilities that calm the mind as it requires rage to work: it is also a physical attack thus has little effect on beings that are unaffected by physical assaults.

Known Users

  • Inferno Pendragon
  • Twilight Dragons
  • Sangria